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Dynamic Rounded Panel

This is another variant of the rounded panel creation (the first one you can see here), that uses images to present curved corners. To be more precise, the only image is used, the one that is build based on the specified circle radius, the background color, the border color and width. The panel appearance varies according to all these parameters and can be dynamically changed in runtime.

Picture 1. The structure of the top part of the rounded panel
a - the left part where the upper left part of the image is shown.
b - the middle that is filled with the background color and contains a block element (d). The d element imitates the image border.
c - the right part where the upper right part of the image is shown.

Of course, the middle can be simpler if to use the only block that is filled with the background color and has the upper border. But different browsers interpret borders ambiguously, some of them enlarge total height of the block element. It caused a small complication of the co…